Our healing mission

When I was a young child, some simple words I spoke to a dearly loved man healed him of the smoking habit. I don't remember, word for word, what I said to him, but I remember the love I had for him. It was clear to me then that such a wonderful individual couldn't possibly have to smoke, or want to. I could readily separate the habit from him. In my own simple way, I had seen something of his real nature as God's image and likeness. And he was healed.

It's been said, many times, that children have such a wonderful sense of purity, innocence, and love. As the turmoil of the world wears upon us, however, we may tend to lose these childlike qualities. But this isn't necessary. Rather, these qualities can be cultivated and preserved by understanding that they are inherent within each of us as God's beloved child. They are beneficial to us and others and are essential in following Christ Jesus and in practicing Christian healing.

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May 29, 1995

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