Me? An expert?

In one sense, we all have good reason to think of ourselves as experts. That's because we each have the God-given capacity to be experts at expressing who we uniquely are. After all, each of us has a distinct individuality. And yet, even with something as close to us and as important to us as our own selfhood, most people probably agree there is a lot we need to learn in order to be better at being ourselves in the truest and fullest sense.

The real need, the pressing need, is to become experts at understanding and expressing what God made us to be—what we, in fact, already are—His perfect, individual, immortal likeness. What a powerfully important and transforming concept this is. It's essential to working out our salvation and to benefiting humanity more fully. It not only challenges the ordinary, material views we hold of ourselves; it also opens our thought to the infinite capacities that we have as God's image for being and doing good.

Walking in a healer's shoes
May 22, 1995

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