Time redemption

Slam!! Pant, pant, pant. SLAM!! Rmmm. Rmmmm! RMMMMMM!! Skid-skid-screech-Honk!! And then, Zoooooom! These were the early-morning sounds that told us—even without looking out the window—that our favorite neighbor was blasting out of his front door, into his car, down the driveway, and then—Zoom!—off into the distance. And that, once again, he was running late!

There's nothing fun about running late—for a bus, for work, for a deadline. And the hundreds of time-management books and videos currently on the market tell us that millions of people want to avoid the agony of racing against the clock. They want to use their hours more effectively. And they long to recover somehow their lost hours, their wasted opportunities. In a word, they want to control their time—and not let time control them!

Independent thinkers and television
April 3, 1995

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