Timeless truths of the Bible

The stories and lessons in the Scriptures can help you—today!

"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth" (Gen. 1:1) is perhaps the most famous opening line ever written. The Bible is a book recognized worldwide, crossing barriers of age, language, race, and religion. The preacher looks to the Bible to gain inspiration for his sermons. The Sunday School teacher finds parables full of basic moral and spiritual messages to share with her pupils. Children love to hear wonderful accounts such as "Noah and the Ark" and "Daniel in the Lions' Den."

Those suffering from grief, hard times, or loneliness find comfort and strength in passages from Genesis to Revelation. Seekers of Truth and those hungering for a knowledge of God turn to the Bible for answers and fulfillment. And the record of Christ Jesus' healings is the "classroom" for today's Christian healing. Where would we be without these stories of people who, thousands of years ago, were searching for God and finding answers and wisdom in marvelous and inspiring ways?

The truth about attraction
March 21, 1994

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