Caring for your family—with Christ's support

Turning decisively to the Christ-power is a parent's best help.

Statistics and social values stack against the single parent. And often, even in a two-parent home, caring for the household may fall more heavily on one parent's shoulders. But just because we may seem to fit a stereotypical definition, do we need to be subject to the frustrations or helplessness associated with it? No! And turning to God is the way out.

The Bible is filled with accounts of people with family problems needing spiritual solutions. In II Kings we read about a Shunammite woman whose son becomes ill while visiting the reapers in the field and dies (see 4:8–37). The Shunammite woman takes action single-handedly. She tells her husband she is going to see the man of God, Elisha. She knows Elisha's holiness; she had provided a guest chamber for him to use whenever he passed through town, and it was Elisha who had prophesied that she would have this son. The Shunammite woman doesn't waste time arguing with her husband or blaming him for allowing the boy to be in the heat of the sun. She is determined not to accept the picture of death. Rather, she saddles a donkey, turns away from the sad physical evidence, and sets off with a servant to seek help from the spiritual healer, Elisha. For her, giving up is not an option.

The Christly way to mental peace
February 28, 1994

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