Stop procrastination—now!

If we've been putting things off, we don't have to wait to be healed of that tendency.

One morning, after an especially inspiring period of study and prayer with the Bible Lesson, outlined in the Christian Science Quarterly, I came into the kitchen to start lunch. There on the counter were several items I had set aside to send to a relative. I realized that for several weeks I had set them aside, and set them aside again, whenever they got in my way. I had excused myself for the delays, placing the responsibility on my husband to find a suitable mailing box.

Suddenly I almost burst into tears, feeling that my morning's work had been of little help toward a better ordering of the day's activities. But then, as I looked at those unmailed items, it clearly dawned on me that I needed to be healed of procrastination! (No doubt, then, my morning's study had been effective.)

Letters to the PRESS— and other articles
May 24, 1993

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