The most precious thing in the world to me is the small understanding...

The most precious thing in the world to me is the small understanding of God I have gained through study and practice of Christian Science. Feeling close to our Father-Mother God has brought me many healings throughout my life.

One of the first healings I remember occurred when I was of grade-school age. While burning some pine needles, I also burned my finger. I recall being told to hold my hand under cold water to ease the pain; I did that for a while, but as soon as I turned off the water the pain would return. I thought the pain would take a long time to go away, and in response to this concern I thought, "I don't have to worry about having this pain for a long time; God is taking care of me, and this can be healed by turning to Him and knowing the truth about who I really am as God's perfect child." This kind of thinking resulted from my having attended a Christian Science Sunday School. I had learned what Jesus taught: "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" (John).

April 5, 1993

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