The light of Christ

In the world around us, think of what wonderful things we associate with light. The dawn of a new morning. The flowers in our garden turning to the sun. The farmer's crops growing and ripening in the field. All the colors of the rainbow after a summer shower. A photograph that vividly captures the details of a special moment. The luminous, shimmering beauty of a favorite painting. A room at night turned into a warm, safe space where friends or family gather. Even the many technological wonders that are given utility directly by some source of light. And of course the ability to see and behold all of these things.

It's clear that the writers of the Bible recognized the significant symbolism which light holds, for Scriptural accounts are frequently filled with such imagery. Much of this imagery of light, however, transcends mere physical representations and implies an encompassing spiritual force, or power, revealing God's nature and activity to humanity. From the first chapter of the Old Testament in Genesis all the way to the last chapter of the New Testament in Revelation, "light" stands as a dramatic symbol of the creative, healing, and saving action of divine Truth.

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April 5, 1993

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