When we're working out our salvation with the understanding...

When we're working out our salvation with the understanding of Christian Science, it's a wonderful adventure in spiritual living. Practicing Christian Science requires discipline of thought and constant turning to God, good, for healing and guidance.

Recently my husband and I had taken a trip to Europe, and gone on a bus tour there. During the trip I started coughing, and then began to have much discomfort with a rash on the lower part of my back. It was wonderful to obtain the help of a Christian Science practitioner who spoke English, although we were in a non-English-speaking country. With his help I realized I had some unresolved concerns. What is unique about Christian Science is that it turns one away from the physical condition to God, directing the patient to the Bible and writings of Mary Baker Eddy. As a result, our understanding of God grows clearer, and fear of illness disappears.

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October 25, 1993

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