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From the Editors
More and more, people everywhere are feeling a need for something—anything—that can offer protection.

Divine protection

Listening to spiritual intuition can bring safety and deliverance.

Powerful images, prayer-filled response

Everyone needs to be alert to the hypnotic nature of certain images on television. How can we be sure we are protecting ourselves from these influences?

The ascent

Bitter winds stormed the streetsas she walked to church.

Perfection is always present

Though not materially visible, the nature of God's perfection and of man as God's perfect reflection can be spiritually perceived. This kind of clear perception provides healing.


Man's God-given perfection is unblemished. As we realize this in prayer, friction from past inharmonies can be healed.

Second Thought

"... several dozen youths run their own show .... Their efforts at applied entrepreneurship have helped them gain a measure of self-respect and confidence ...."
Whom can we trust to protect us? How can we be safe?
The Sentinel is meant to be shared.
State's supreme court quashes earlier decisions against couple's reliance on spiritual healing.

The prayer "Thy will be done"

The recognition of God's will brings more than comfort; it brings healing.

The wasp was harmless

Bobby loved being outdoors.
Testimony of Healing

Anyone who is a parent can appreciate the need to heal...

Anyone who is a parent can appreciate the need to heal the awful fear that tries to control us when something happens to our children.
Testimony of Healing
Since my husband and I were married five years ago, we have seen many examples of God's provision for our family.
Testimony of Healing
While cleaning my teeth, a dentist was appalled at a condition on the roof of my mouth.
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