Relaxing rigid attitudes

Most people are used to reading news accounts of sharply held religious views. Passionate feelings expressed by conservatives in Islam, Judaism, and Christianity may make the headlines. Such people are often referred to as fundamentalists. Perhaps their attitudes stand out in public because they are so fiercely felt and because they tend to depart from the more moderate mainstream.

While most of us might think of fundamentalists as disposed toward rigid views, there are certainly facets of their lives that are pretty normal—just like the rest of us. On the other hand, if all of us who consider ourselves more "normal" were to take a penetrating look closer to home, it's just possible we might discover some rigidity of our own. Maybe such attitudes relate to personal religious views. Or maybe they just relate to run-of-the-mill events in our lives. But even these ordinary aspects of existence may ultimately have some-thing to do with theology—our view of God and His creation.

June 1, 1992

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