Growing up in the 90s

Nothing that is nothing

I was perched on a twenty-foot cliff overlooking the river below. I leapt into the air to the excited yells of my friends and dropped down, down, down, until my feet struck the hard surface of the river. Immediately the cheers faded as I submerged into the silence of the deep, cool water. Soon, though, I was on top again, laughing and swimming to shore. That was the most fun I'd had at summer camp yet!

I began to dry myself off and noticed that things didn't sound quite right. They were muffled and distant, as if I had a pillow over my head. I realized that I had water in one of my ears and began shaking my head to get rid of it. No matter how hard I tried, though, the water remained. I decided to leave it alone and just try to have fun. The next morning, however, I woke with pain in that ear.

God will supply your need
June 1, 1992

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