"Personal attachment" or the divine influence?

If we're being swayed by someone to do the wrong thing, it's time to remember the relationship that counts the most.

It's easy to be influenced by others, especially by someone we respect. But what if we're being influenced to do the opposite of what we feel in our heart we should do, something we know is obviously wrong?

A number of years ago I was faced with this challenge. Fresh out of college, I was working in a pleasant office where there was a lot of mutual appreciation and good humor. Then someone new joined us. She was so sophisticated, chic, and professional that I found myself in awe of her. I was flattered when she began to share confidences with me, and we became friends. After a while, though, I noticed friction was creeping into the office. My new friend was a faultfinder, and no one escaped her sharp tongue. One day I was dismayed to hear myself join her in criticizing a fellow worker, a good friend. Although I was agreeing with my new friend, I didn't really share her feelings. I was so ashamed for having allowed myself to have been manipulated.

Preserving our ability to care
June 1, 1992

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