Perfection and progress

The Science of Christianity walks hand in hand with Christly compassion. This is evident in the number of times the author of the Christian Science textbook, Mary Baker Eddy, refers to God as both divine Principle and Love. Similarly, her use of the term Father-Mother for Deity reveals the unity of steadfastness and tenderness, of perfection and gentleness, of law and kindness. Most would readily associate the qualities of steadfastness, perfection, and law with the word science; it is when terms such as tenderness, gentleness, and kindness are added to science that one learns the difference between the natural or behavioral sciences and the Science of God and man, which Christ Jesus taught.

Divine Science illustrates perfection. Perfect Principle, God, produces perfection. Divine Love maintains perfection. Man and the universe are the perfect expression of this divine Principle, Love. Spiritual healing requires that the Christian Science practitioner start from this basis and be undeviating in thought from this premise. What these words may fail to convey, though, is the unwavering spirit of love that animates the practitioner, the gentleness and patience that are ever present, the animus of goodness that guides the patient's awakening to perfection.

November 9, 1992

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