Recently I was on active duty in the military, serving in...

Recently I was on active duty in the military, serving in a war zone in the Persian Gulf. I was riding in the back of a Bradley Infantry Vehicle with others in my unit some time after midnight on the way back from a night run. It was normal out there to go up and down steep hills in both daytime and nighttime. Of course, such travel at night was more difficult, even with night-vision goggles on, as night goggles don't have much depth perception. And that's what the lieutenant was wearing as he guided our vehicle up one hill and down another.

Suddenly as we rode along, all of us inside the vehicle were tossed around like rag dolls. We had crashed down a steep hill. The only one who was hurt was our driver, who was unconscious. Everyone else got out of the truck. It was considered a miracle that we were still alive; we had come down a fifty-foot slide, followed by a sheer twenty-five foot drop! I prayed, acknowledging that God's spiritual man, forever in His care, can never be harmed; he is always safe.

Testimony of Healing
I have known of Christian Science for twenty years
September 2, 1991

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