Getting my husband to accompany the family on a special...

Getting my husband to accompany the family on a special camping vacation in Maine was such a triumph, I expected a marvelous time. When I woke up in our cabin the first morning, however, I found I could not get out of bed. My husband had to assist me to a seated position. Everyone went out to enjoy various activities; I was able only to raise and lower myself. Disappointment in how things had turned out was followed by self-pity.

Since I always carry an issue of The Christian Science Journal with me on my travels, I was able to call a Christian Science practitioner that evening. She agreed to support my prayerful efforts to overcome this problem. I realized I had to stop feeling sorry for myself and turn to God. I prayed to learn how to demonstrate man's God-given dominion. In a few days I was able to move normally without pain, so I jubilantly joined a square dance and I had a moonlight swim in the lake. But the next morning it appeared I was back to square one with the back trouble. I knew I could have a complete healing, though, because I had come to understand better that the difficulty was no part of man's true nature as God's child. I continued to pray, and within three days I was free of pain. I never experienced that trouble again.

Another time I had a growth on my face which persisted for two years. But as I prayed, I was relieved of a great deal of fear. A statement from Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy was very meaningful to me: "The only fact concerning any material concept is, that it is neither scientific nor eternal, but subject to change and dissolution."

April 29, 1991

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