Christ will heal us

Spirituality is not irrelevant to our daily lives. It is, in fact, able to transform us.

Many of us have probably seen television commercials that show some part of the body that is sick or in pain. These images seem to project a picture of the body as an entity beyond our control that is prone to all kinds of troubles and ailments.

If we believed everything we see or hear in advertisements of this type, it wouldn't be hard to conclude that we are totally material beings subject to inharmony of many kinds. Or to conclude that although there might be a spiritual element in our lives, it is largely irrelevant to our actual day-to-day existence.

But these commercials, or even the ailments themselves, don't actually tell us anything about who we really are. We learn this from gaining an understanding of our relationship to God as Christ Jesus explained it. In this way, we come to know ourselves as completely spiritual, the children of a loving Father.

Second Thought
January 8, 1990

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