Yield to God—and trust Him to lead you

All of us want to feel right about
the decisions we make. Yielding to God
is the way to ensure our decisions
are right—and good for everyone.

WHEN we enter a busy highway, we often come to a road sign that reads "Yield." We know that it is our law-abiding duty to wait patiently until the road is clear before proceeding safely on our way. Isn't it also wise, before we proceed with any plan, to stop and pray, wait for God to show us a clear, safe direction, and then yield to His leading?

If a situation should occur that does not give us time to stop and pray quietly, we can immediately know that there is only one divine Mind, God, who is protecting and supporting us, and then firmly take the first step. As we continue to acknowledge God's sustaining love and care and set aside our human desires, new steps will become apparent until we are able to complete our mission successfully.

"Yes," not "Yes, but..."
March 27, 1989

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