Christian healing and the Mind of Christ

The Christian Science Monitor

There is every indication that the words and works of the Master, Christ Jesus, were directed by divine intelligence. The Mind to which he turned for inspiration and guidance—which enabled him to perceive the very heart of an individual and to minister so precisely to that person's need that healing and regeneration followed —must certainly have been God, the divine Mind.

Prayer in Christian Science involves turning to God as the source of all true intelligence and then humbly listening for and faithfully following divine Mind's leadings. Prayer in Christian Science isn't a matter of trying to convince oneself of God's presence and power through willful assertions or repetition of certain words or phrases—a sort of metaphysical self-hypnosis. Nor is it the mere projecting of good thoughts or positive mental images onto the body. It isn't one human mind controlling another through mental suggestion. Christian Scientists take these words of Christ Jesus quite literally with regard to healing: "I can of mine own self do nothing." John 5:30.

What death does not do
February 13, 1989

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