I attended a Christian Science Sunday School from childhood...

I attended a Christian Science Sunday School from childhood, as my mother came into Science when we children were very young; thus we had the joy of attending Sunday School through our growing-up years.

Some time ago I needed to remove a large tree limb that overhung a small planting of fruit trees. The limb was about thirteen feet above the ground. I started my chain saw, climbed the ladder, and proceeded to saw off the limb. The limb twisted as it came loose from the tree and knocked me headfirst down the ladder with the chain saw still running. As this was taking place I declared out loud, "God is my Life." The saw fell clear of me, and after a few moments of prayer I was able to get up. I called a Christian Science practitioner to pray for me, and I continued to hold firmly to the truth of my unchanging relationship to God as His perfect, spiritual offspring. It appeared that I had injured my head and neck in the fall. In a short while, however, I felt so well that I was able to get back to my project. The pain in the back of my head and neck was soon healed.

Testimony of Healing
I have always enjoyed reading the testimonies of healing...
December 18, 1989

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