On Love and progress

Most of us feel jogged out of complacency when we check to see whether we are reaching the goals we've set. But real progress comes when we measure our success in terms of our expression of Love.

Progress is always progress in relation to something. To those learning about God, that something is Love. God is Love. And Love is to the spiritual seeker the absolute standard against which to measure all things, a constant—similar to what the speed of light is to the physicist.

Yet love is so much more than an abstract measure; it is a beacon, a transforming presence, the one spiritual intelligence. Indeed, Love is our creator—our Father and Mother. And when understood, Love determines our true expression toward all creatures, especially our fellowman. In fact, one might say that not only do we progress in the degree that we love, but we are Christians only to the degree that we love. Without love, Christianity would fall apart.

The thoughts that are genuinely ours
January 25, 1988

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