Praying more effectively

When prayer affirms God's truth, it leads to healing.

The motives behind prayer and the content of it are obviously of great importance. We may pray to express love where love is desperately needed; to be freed from sin (old or newly acquired); to be healed of an illness (or to heal someone else); to accomplish a difficult, worthy task; to seek divine guidance. Or we may pray for comfort in sadness, for freedom from fear, for shelter, for spiritual nourishment, for understanding. We may even pray sometimes to be sure God knows of our needs—to be sure He will not forget us.

Our innermost thoughts may not always be expressible in words, but prayer can be sincere, steadfast, and selfless without being phrased in audible words. And prayer that is sincere, steadfast, and selfless is effective prayer, a solid rock upon which to build.

"The earth shined with his glory"
April 13, 1987

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