Me, forgive?

There was a time when I felt very uncomfortable with the concept of my forgiving others' sins. Somehow I felt I was usurping a divine prerogative in forgiving another. I understood that when sin is forsaken, it is forgiven. See Science and Health 5:22–28 . And I gratefully acknowledged the moral and spiritual regeneration that brought forgiveness. But I certainly didn't feel qualified to determine when sin had been forsaken. So who was I to do the forgiving?

Gradually I began to see that we forgive sin by destroying our own belief that anything could oppose the goodness of God. And I realized that the reasoning I had been doing was nothing more than a distant replay of accusations against Christ Jesus: the scribes said he had blasphemed because he dared to forgive a man's sins. Only God could forgive sin, they said. Mark 2:3–12 . Was Jesus, in forgiving sin, making himself equal to God?

On beam versus mote casting
January 13, 1986

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