I was filled with joy and gratitude when, in recent years, I was...

I was filled with joy and gratitude when, in recent years, I was finally able to attend the Annual Meeting of The Mother Church in Boston. At the meeting I was completely inspired with a love and strength I had never before experienced. Little did I know that in a very short time my newfound spiritual strength would be the thing that would sustain me.

When my flight home to the West Coast stopped at a midwestern airport, I remained in my window seat directly above the compartment where luggage was being loaded aboard. As I sat there I became interested in watching the loading operation. Suddenly I saw two men come running out of the building to the loading dolly just below me. Frantically they checked through the luggage until they found a cardboard carton which they grabbed and, to my surprise, threw as far as possible into an open area. When the box hit the ground it burst into flames, causing no damage and injuring no one. I realized that an incendiary bomb had almost been loaded aboard our plane.

Testimony of Healing
One day I went outside to play on the swings in our yard
January 13, 1986

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