Moses and the saving Christ

Perhaps it was Shiphrah and Puah, the Hebrew midwives, who first broke the news that Pharaoh had ordered that all sons newly born to Hebrew mothers be killed at birth by the midwives. But being good, God-fearing women, these two midwives did not carry out the order. The Egyptian king then charged his own people to implement the decree.

It was a time of hardship for the Israelites in Egypt. Joseph and his contemporaries had passed from the scene, and the king ruling over the land was quite different from the one who had trusted and honored Joseph. Seeing the growing numbers and strength of the children of Israel, whom he held captive and cruelly exploited as slave labor, this Pharaoh feared for his dominion. Hence his decree that all newborn male Hebrew children be drowned.

Divine power and the human circumstance
December 16, 1985

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