Parenting, children, and God

"Loose him, and let him go" John 11:44. was Christ Jesus' command to family and friends gathered at the tomb as Lazarus stepped forth. This can be both a command and a promise to seekers of the truth today. While the level of spiritual understanding that would enable one to resuscitate those who have gone on may require great growth in spirituality, we can begin to demonstrate the concept of "loosing and letting go" in ways that are at once practical and redeeming.

As one of its fundamental points, Christian Science teaches that the real man is spiritual, not material. This man is perfect because he is the image and likeness of God, never confined in a physical form. From a Christianly scientific standpoint, to loose someone, then, really means to release him from the erroneous belief that his existence is bounded by matter.

Honoring our parents
August 27, 1984

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