You don't have to be weighed down

A weight problem is often a question of dominion over false appetite. It's a matter of seeing ourselves as God has made us—in His spiritual image and likeness—rather than as poor, abused mortals, stifling an urge to comfort ourselves by overindulging in food.

Mrs. Eddy says in Science and Health: "Truth makes a new creature, in whom old things pass away and 'all things are become new.' Passions, selfishness, false appetites, hatred, fear, all sensuality, yield to spirituality, and the superabundance of being is on the side of God, good." Science and Health, p. 201. Science and Health also declares: "The enslavement of man is not legitimate. It will cease when man enters into his heritage of freedom, his God-given dominion over the material senses." Ibid., p. 228.

Maintaining a good "build"
January 30, 1984

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