The intelligence that governs man's faculties

Matter is generally considered to be the controller of man's faculties. These faculties are thought to be material and to be directed by the brain. But Christian Science shows that matter is mindless and that real faculties are spiritual, emanating from the one, infinite intelligence: God.

Divine Mind is both the source and governor of our faculties. Deity manifests its infinite capability and action in its loved representative, man. Mind is the origin of all true activity. Knowing, hearing, seeing, speaking, moving, are spiritual and perpetually evident in Mind's idea, man. They can't lapse, because God never ceases to make Himself manifest. They can't malfunction, because Mind's control is perfect. Soul, God, requires that these faculties be expressed in man in all their perfection. Soul's mandate is divine law, which maintains harmony, enforcing the loving dictates of intelligence.

Is there a decision to be made?
September 26, 1983

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