The joy of working together

From the days of the cave man trying to organize a hunt, to the modern age of the aerospace scientist calculating the exact spot for a moon landing, the human scene has called for decisions and joint action. Where democratic action is the practice, these choices are often made by majority vote. When they are made peaceably, wisely, and with unity, everyone is blessed.

How does one find real unity in home, office, factory, and church affairs? The master Christian showed us the way. He gave us a prayer to pray, the first two words of which hold a world of meaning, a foundation for unity: "Our Father...." Matt. 6:9. Recognizing God as the Father of all, our one true Parent, we have a strong base for working together and enjoying it. Loving God, our brother man, and our true selves, we value our work in this world enough to preserve our conscious at-one-ment with the Father of all, the one creator, governor, Judge, of the universe.

Let anger yield to love
August 1, 1983

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