Nobody's fool

April first, and time to get up. Getting dressed, Tricia put on her skirt and sweater, and reached for her shoes—the slip-on type, quick and easy in the morning. She glanced at herself in the mirror—hair tidy, face clean. Tricia liked to look smart for school.

A little later as she ran into the classroom a friend called out, "Hey! your shoelace is undone." Tricia didn't even bother to look down. "I've not got shoelaces," she laughed. Then quickly someone else said, "Your sweater's back to front." Tricia just smiled. It wasn't, and she knew it wasn't. April fool tricks like that wouldn't catch her.

On April first, people sometimes play jokes to make us believe something that isn't true. We just laugh at the silly lies. There are other kinds of lies we can laugh at too. We call them error. These are thoughts that whisper lies to us: "I feel sick" or "I'm unhappy!" Now, Tricia wasn't fooled by her friends' lies, because she knew what she had on and that she was neatly dressed. In the same way we needn't be fooled by the other lies. We can start each day knowing we are God's children. We could think about being dressed in good thoughts of being loved and cared for by Him.

Testimony of Healing
Five years ago Christian Science came into my...
March 7, 1983

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