In June 1977, only three weeks after our return to Sydney, my...

In June 1977, only three weeks after our return to Sydney, my husband left me suddenly. I found myself with very little money, no job, and nowhere to live. I had only one week in which to find accommodation for myself and four domestic animals. Each real estate agent I approached told me there were no houses for rent, and even if there were, no animals would be accepted, and the rent would be far in excess of what I could afford.

During the week I prayed, reasoning with the understanding of Christian Science that I had thus far gained. At one stage, when the situation seemed particularly hopeless, I opened the Christian Science Hymnal at random and saw the word "design." As I read, I was overcome by a sense of peace and the realization that our needs are always met as part of God's design for His creation.

That week I was taking care of a business owned by an acquaintance. Toward the middle of the week I felt inspired to ask one of the clients if she knew of a place to rent. She told me to get in touch with a man at a certain real estate office and tell him I would accept even temporary accommodation. I did exactly that, and the agent exclaimed, "You wouldn't take a house for two months, would you? A man called in yesterday with a house for rent, and we told him nobody would take a house for that period!" I rented the house. As it turned out, I was there for six months, during which time I took class instruction in Christian Science.

March 7, 1983

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