About a year ago I was involved in an automobile accident that...

About a year ago I was involved in an automobile accident that made it necessary to replace the entire front left fender section of my car. The other driver accepted complete responsibility, and her insurance company fully covered the damages. Then, only a few days after these repairs were made, in backing my car out of the garage, I bumped into a car that was double-parked across the street. The damage caused was a dent no bigger than a teacup, and I immediately gave the driver the name of my insurance company so she could have it repaired. That was the last I heard about either incident.

Then, several months later, I received notice of my insurance premium. To my surprise it had nearly doubled! When I called my agent, I discovered I had been charged not only for the cost of the repair to my car, which had been considerable, but also for a very large sum to repair the small dent I had caused in the other car. My agent kept trying to justify these charges and finally simply said he would look into the matter. Needless to say I was disturbed. When I discussed the situation with friends, I was told I was dreaming if I thought an insurance company could ever be talked down, and not to be disappointed when I could not do so.

March 7, 1983

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