Five years ago Christian Science came into my...

Five years ago Christian Science came into my life, healing and transforming me. I had begun to lose my sight but had ignored the problem (if that seems possible), until I could no longer read or drive a car. At that point, on a Friday, I went to a prominent eye specialist in our town. He checked my eyes, prescribed some pills, and asked to see me again on Monday.

That night my wife and I called my parents to tell them of the problem. A short time later, my mother called back to suggest that I read Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, a book she had given us a few years before. I told her that I had never turned to God before and that I wasn't hypocrite enough to do it now, just because I was having some problems. However, I checked, and sure enough, the book was still sitting on our shelf. By the end of the evening my wife was reading it to me. With the opening sentence of the second paragraph (p. vii), "The time for thinkers has come," I was stunned. I had never heard the pursuit of an understanding of God called "thinking" before. I remember saying, as my wife finished the chapter entitled "Prayer," "We have been searching for something for a long time, and I think this is it."

March 7, 1983

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