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The reason of my hope

A friend's questions about Christian Science, and about my reliance on prayer for healing sickness and solving other problems, have given me much food for thought.

Pray and know

Prayer is not a process of asking God for what we want—then hoping we will get it.
When confronted by the apparent bigness of a problem, one may at times feel bewildered by the thought of what is required to solve it in Christian Science.

Coming home

On the way back to ZionWe walked through dark places,Swamps of loneliness, valleys of despair,Saw sights better not seenIn ourselves and those around us.
After the girls finished breakfast and went to their room to play, I began to pace the floor again.

Hallowing God's name

"What does it really mean to hallow God's name?


That's the way the headline read when one of the corrective letters below was published in the local newspaper.

The preservation of manhood

A world that so often seems torn with strife, gripped by violence, and intimidated by the perversion of power is starving for gentleness and affection.

Citizens of liberty

Liberty is a state of freedom.

The gentling

With so much of TV and movies highlighting the antics of evil, it's a challenge to depict for young readers the natural attraction of good.
Testimony of Healing

My family has had so many instances of protection...

My family has had so many instances of protection and healing, it is impossible to enumerate them all in this testimony.
Testimony of Healing
Several months ago I developed a fear of going out by myself after dark.
Testimony of Healing
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Testimony of Healing
Like many students of Christian Science, I had my first healing while I was reading the textbook, Science and Health by Mrs.

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