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My first testimony appeared almost thirty years ago

My first testimony appeared almost thirty years ago. In the meantime I have had many wonderful proofs of God's ever-presence. For instance, lost items have been recovered by my holding fast to the omnipresent nature of divine intelligence; lovely employment (which lasted for over fifteen years) opened up for me when I realized that God is the employer and that each of His ideas is in its right place; and finally, during a period of heavy colds, I knew that in God, Love, there is no cold and no colds. Throughout this time, I was well—not absent from school for a single day, nor once during the following fifteen years.

My gratitude for these proofs, as well as my gratitude for Mrs. Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, is constantly growing. Recently I experienced what, to me, was a remarkable healing, following a fall down the concrete staircase in our house. After it happened, as I lay there, apparently helpless, the thought came to me, "You are alone; nobody can help you." Right away I knew that I could never be alone, because God is always at hand. This immediately brought peace and cleared my thinking. Indeed, this was necessary, because certain details of anatomical knowledge I'd gained during my training in physical education came forcefully to mind. Energetically and logically I rejected these misperceptions as based on the belief in a material body.

March 15, 1982

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