You can progress

We needn't feel discouraged or defeated if there's a slippage—a reversion to what we thought had been left behind. Instead we should search out the spiritual law of God that conquers such a human tendency. The process of losing ground is characteristic of the entire mortal concept of existence. From the long-range perspective, a mortal is losing ground from the day he begins!

But God's law for His spiritually perfect man is one of eternal progress. Love's provision for its creation is one of perpetual unfoldment of good—the very opposite of what mortality offers. This law of God, this provision by Love, is practical; it gently cares for the human need. Through the Christ— the influence of divine Truth in consciousness—we perceive the law of progress, and this spiritual discovery melts limited, rigid views; it opens the way for advancement.

The Science of the Golden Rule
March 15, 1982

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