Permanency of good

Good is permanent; evil is impermanent and to be overcome. This spiritual truth, with its promises and goals, is basic to the practice of Christian Science. In fact, the ability to prove good's permanency is given a mighty thrust by Mrs. Eddy's steadfast contention that good is real and evil an illusion. This theme not only underlies her teachings but is the very foundation of the marvelous healing work she accomplished.

When we are seeking a healing, for ourselves or someone else, it is indeed comforting to recognize that whatever the symptoms of disease, they have no basis of permanency. Matter, itself, is not really substantive this or substantive that. In an article entitled "There is no Matter" Mrs. Eddy writes: "This whole subject is met and solved by Christian Science according to Scripture. Thus we see that Spirit is Truth and eternal reality; that matter is the opposite of Spirit,—referred to in the New Testament as the flesh at war with Spirit; hence, that matter is erroneous, transitory, unreal." Unity of Good, p. 36.

Let fear take flight
July 27, 1981

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