Prayer provides protection

One February night a violent storm rocked the seaside community where I was living. The ocean flooded the land and encircled our home. Windows shattered before gale winds. Soon our electricity, heat, telephone, and hot water were knocked out. My wife and I faced these circumstances for three days, completely confident in God's present care. Not for a moment did we doubt that He would defend us.

Where did this certainty of God's love come from? It began many years before the coastal storm. Each day my wife and I have sought through prayer and the study of Christian Science to know God's omnipotence and nearness. Gradually it has become more and more natural to rely on God each hour of the day, particularly if hurdles appear. So when our home and safety seemed jeopardized by the storm, there was no question that we could turn wholeheartedly to God and receive His guidance and His protection. As we prayed, we were led to make preparations that mitigated the possibility of damage. But the results of our prayers surpassed even these wise actions. For instance, the ocean tide stopped just below the place where we had put our car for safety. The flood in our cellar stopped inches beneath a tabletop stacked with many useful possessions. We gratefully witnessed several other clear-cut evidences of God's protection.

Prayer is listening
March 2, 1981

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