Retirement and "the new man"

Spiritual man never faces retirement. He never tires of, or retires from, what he's really about—expressing God in His fullness, representing Him, being His image. Retirement from human employment doesn't obscure these facts. Rather, such retirement may enable one to be more aware of his real work, more consciously about his "Father's business."

When retirement is accompanied by prayer, both employee and employer are blessed. This may be expressed in a gradual reduction of working hours, with the retiree not only continuing to share his labor and experience but also sharing spiritual fruitage from other hours spent in that study and prayer which forward a rebirth. Whether gradual, or at a fixed time, retirement doesn't have to be the work force getting rid of an older worker. It can be everyone finding in some degree a "new man."

"They shall still bring forth"
September 1, 1980

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