You don't need drugs

The desire to use drugs arises basically from a false sense of identity. In reality, everyone's identity is perfect, spiritual, perpetually concordant. This identity exists in perfect unity with Mind, God, and His entire universe of ideas. However, mortal mind (the term Christian Science adopts for a supposed mind apart from Mind) would claim we have an incomplete, material identity, which must be made complete through the intake of some form of matter. Drugs claim to offer the exaltation, relaxation, or escape— even the added aggressiveness in sports—mortals long for.

This search for completeness of identity in matter results from allowing ourselves to be limited by mortal beliefs, opposed to our true, Christly identity. The desire to "complete" ourselves materially, in the eyes of a peer group, gives drugs whatever glamour (and the word "glamour" originally meant "a magic spell") they may seem to have. This "spell" must be seen as powerless to affect man's true, perfect selfhood, since God is all power.

June 23, 1980

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