In May 1977 a lump on my shoulder began to trouble me

In May 1977 a lump on my shoulder began to trouble me. At the same time it became increasingly difficult to raise my arm, write, or walk. My father had passed on from cancer in his shoulder, and the temptation to feel helpless before this condition had to be firmly faced. Help was requested from a Christian Science practitioner, who continued to encourage me and pray daily for me until the healing was complete.

When the situation was at its worst, it seemed advisable to enter a sanatorium for Christian Scientists, where I received intensive nursing care from the dedicated staff. It was obvious to me that the nurses did not accept the physical condition as being real or part of my true selfhood. Rather, their spiritual poise and practical care aided my work of permanently replacing the mortal lie, manifested as a threatening lump, with its spiritual counter facts, health and harmony. It was very comforting to listen to recordings of Mary Baker Eddy's writings. The Wednesday testimony meeting was especially helpful. I was grateful for the opportunity to glorify God for proofs of His care in times past. Under the tender ministrations of the staff, there was a lessening of fear and belief of heredity. The lump opened and started to drain. After nine days I returned home. The healing was in process.

Testimony of Healing
My introduction to Christian Science came many years ago...
April 9, 1979

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