God's gifts

God has promised you many gifts.

As you listen to Him as Mind,You may suddenly remember where you putyour shoes and socks.As you feel God as Spirit,You won't be afraid when the house is dark, sinceGod fills all space.As you express Him as Soul,You have plenty of joy to share with the friend whoknocked your sand castle over yesterday.As you obey God as Principle,You are obedient to Dad's request to take just one pieceof candy when you'd like three.As you understand God as Life,You hear the thoughts from God that heal your kittenwhen a friend has told you he doesn't look so good.As you respond to God as Truth,You will take the money found under a chair to Momeven though you'd rather keep it.As you love God as Love,You have the patience to wait for your little brothereven though you can walk faster.

By learning God's seven names or synonyms and what they mean, you'll discover many more gifts that God has given you. You can find the seven synonyms for God on page 587 of Science and Health. This treasure chest, written by Mary Baker Eddy, tells you about many more of your God-given gifts.

Testimony of Healing
One day I realized that walking was becoming...
December 24, 1979

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