Healing old wounds

A Christian Scientist was pondering a recent incident. "Why did this happen?" she asked herself. She saw that what had occurred seemed to have its roots in a devastating event of many years earlier. But why carry around the unseen scars of an event long past? Did an old trouble have the God-given right or power to enter her thought, destroying her present opportunity for happiness? No, and as she realized this she was healed.

Much of the despair aroused by old wounds is caused by the belief that they are incurable—that some event can leave an indelible imprint warping the rest of our life. Mortal, material thinking would have us believe that we are no longer loved and lovable. Looking yearningly to the future or sadly at the past will not bring the understanding of divine Love that sets us free in the present. But Christian Science shows us that a harmful past is totally unreal, that our true being has never been touched by evil—indeed, that evil is nonexistent because God, good, is All.

The affluence of Love
September 25, 1978

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