Martha's Options

We hear much said these days about options. Women, particularly, are insisting they must be offered more options. Youngsters in school are often given more choices as to when and how they should learn their subjects. What is it that is being sought? Release from narrow, limiting life-styles or opportunities to gratify one's human will? If the latter, then the options chosen may not always bring about improved situations.

What fosters improvement is a growing understanding of the spiritual fact that there is but one infinite, omnipresent Mind, God. This Mind must therefore be our Mind, His benign and unerring will, our will, for spiritual man is the very expression of God's willing. This real man has no other Mind but Love, no desire but that which is impelled by Love. To be God-governed is to be truly self-governed, and obedience to God's will is our only means of discovering the good God has already executed for us. No fallible human choice can ever uncover such blessings as unfold when we attempt to shape our course from the basis of spiritual reality. "We cannot choose for ourselves," Mrs. Eddy informs us, "but must work out our salvation in the way Jesus taught." Science and Health, p. 30; How did Christ Jesus work out his salvation? By subordinating his will entirely to the Father's.

Where We Are
August 7, 1976

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