Responding with Love Heals

As a guest for dinner at a friend's home, I witnessed a valuable lesson in the power of love to heal discord. My friend was busy preparing the dinner when a member of her family came in from work and without so much as a greeting began to complain and be very disagreeable.

My friend remained silent and busy. After an especially cutting, unkind remark from this individual she ran from the kitchen to where he was in the living room. My first impulse at her sudden move—Oh! is she going to slap him? I began looking for the nearest exit. Instead, she kissed him and said, "I love you very much." That was the end of any discord. He was a delightful and courteous host the rest of the evening. Later, as we cleared the table, my friend was humming softly to herself, and I thought, "How happy it makes us to respond to discord with love, and how miserable we are when we respond with resentment."

My friend's inspired and loving forbearance must have had a lasting, healing effect, for I have been in that home many times since then, and never has there been a repeat performance of rudeness by this individual. He has always expressed kindness and generosity.

Something to Look Forward To
June 12, 1976

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