Wisdom in Human Affairs

The ultimate truth of being as taught in the Bible, and further elucidated by Christian Science, is that man is the offspring of God, divine Spirit. All God's sons and daughters reflect Him. They are purely spiritual, without any material element, and they are always complete and perfect, lacking nothing, needing no regeneration or healing. God, divine Love, is All-in-all, and there is no other power or presence. God is infinite good; there is no evil. Life is eternal; there is no death. Truth is immortal; there is no mortal concept to be redeemed.

"Thou shalt have no other gods before me" Ex. 20:3; is an admonition that allows for no compromise in acknowledging these truths of God and man as the only facts of being. The prophets and teachers of the Bible insisted that this rule is to be honored in all its implications. In fact, according to numerous Bible statements, our enjoyment of the benefits of God's provision of all good for His children is conditional on doing so. Under the circumstances, we will want to live as closely in obedience to it as we can.

Finding Rest
May 3, 1975

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