Steadfast Serenity

Who hasn't longed to attain tranquillity and peace of mind, to remain unruffled when confronted with injustice, antagonism, indifference, cruelty, revenge? Paul showed he perceived the need of equanimity and had attained a measure of it when he spoke of the hardships that might befall him in Jerusalem: "None of these things move me."  Acts 20:24;

Perhaps one's employer has been unfair and unappreciative. Perhaps a husband or wife seems less than perfect. Things he or she does or does not do are annoying. Perhaps a friend or loved one has not measured up. How are we handling such situations? Do we in no uncertain and angry terms tell others what we think, or do we keep silent and inwardly boil? Obviously, neither way is the best for handling the problem.

Advancing Years Can Be Years of Advancement
May 25, 1974

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