One precious healing in our family through prayer to God in...

One precious healing in our family through prayer to God in Christian Science took place when one of our sons was around six years old. He developed a painful condition behind his right ear. We were visiting relatives in another city when the problem seemed to flare up in the middle of the night. A high fever was one symptom, and I realized my own mounting fear had to be overcome. We called a Christian Science practitioner in that city, and in a calm voice, expressing much tenderness, she reassured me of God's love for all His children, of His ever-presence and omnipotence. Soon I was able to rise above the fear and gain a sense of dominion regarding the situation.

In the morning I thanked the practitioner for her help, and we returned to our home city. Because the condition had not been completely healed, we requested further help from a practitioner in our area. She helped me see the whole manifestation as a mortal lie, that my son was a spiritual idea and not physique subject to material laws.

August 4, 1973

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