When I was a young child, I ate some lye

When I was a young child, I ate some lye. A doctor was called, and he said there was nothing he could do to save my life. My father's parents had been studying Christian Science, and my father knew something of its healing power. A Christian Science practitioner, who was called to the home, prayed for my recovery. On leaving my room the practitioner reported to my parents that I was well, and I was. After this experience my mother was eager to learn more about this wonderful healing truth and began an earnest study of Christian Science.

My brother and I attended the Christian Science Sunday School until we were twenty years old, and I later joined a branch church. During this time I had not known what sickness was. However, when my children were born, my husband refused to let me rely on Christian Science for their well-being, and many problems arose. Following a divorce I began to attend another church but was not happy with its teachings. My young daughter was ill a great deal of the time with asthma, for which the doctor was giving her very strong medication. Then I began to suffer from bursitis and was told an operation would be necessary.

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February 26, 1972

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