Hailstones and Prayer

In a certain part of the Transvaal, South Africa, which is often referred to as the "Rand," there are areas called hail belts. Here hailstorms occur almost every year in November when the early fruit is just ready for picking. These storms break suddenly, and at times in local areas the hailstones are jagged and large. They have caused damage to roofs, broken windows, destroyed gardens, and stripped trees and vines of their leaves and fruit. Many birds in their nests have been swept to the ground.

Soon after I took up the study of Christian Science, one of these dreaded storms occurred. Later, when I discussed it with a Christian Science practitioner, she told of the wonderful way prayer had protected her home and garden. She said that although the garden was large and fruit on the trees was plentiful, nothing on her property was damaged. During the storm huge hailstones sank into the newly cultivated ground, but not a flower or plant was harmed. I was most impressed, and diligently set to work to understand the way to pray so that destructive forces could be rendered powerless.

God First
February 26, 1972

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